Parking and Hangarage

With two T.2 WW2 era hangars, and an apron spanning approx. 90,000sqft, we can accomodate everything from an overnight outside stay, to a permanent base for your aircraft, big or small

Benefits of Parking With Us

With our experienced staff, and adequate equiptment, we offer more than just a place to park your aircraft


Towing capabilities

With our specialist ground equiptment and range of tow bars, we move your aircraft for you, when required, in the safest possible way

Safe and secure

Our hangars are fully alarmed, with CCTV covering the outside areas to ensure your aircraft is as secure as possible


Ready when you are

Our staff are on hand 7 days a week to ensure your aircraft is available when you need it to be, ready to go. For larger aircraft, ground crew services are also available.


Zero 'membership' fees

At Weald Aviation Services, we dont charge any landing fees, or membership fees - even for visitors. Instead, we encourage aviation by trying to keep our costs down as much as possible accorss the board.


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Further information on North Weald Airifield can be found

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Visiting Weald Aviation:
Hangar 4, North Weald Airfield
Epping, Essex
CM16 6HR
(On entry to the airfield, take a left and carry on until you see the two large grey hangars)


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Open 7 days a week:

Monday-Friday  9am-5pm

Saturday  8am-6pm (Hangar 6 Only)

Sundays  8am-6pm (Hangar 6 Only)

Contact us:

+44 (0)1992 522 594

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Flying in:

North Weald Airfield is situated below the Stansted TMZ. Aircraft visiting North Weald Airfield are to remain below 1500 ft. on the QNH.

Radio: 123.525, TMZ Squawk 7010 Mode C or S

North Weald Airfield Operational Times:
Winter: 0830 local to sunset + 30 minutes

Summer: 0830 to 1900 local

Call: +44(0)1992 524 510 For more information