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Since 1994 we have provided aviation and engineering services for over 1000+ owners and operators. From our tight-knit team of highly experienced and capable engineers, to our personal approach to client service, we ensure that we provide the best possible experience in the ever changing world of aviation.

The August Update

G-NCKS - Progression

Our team remain steadfast on the restoration of XZ179 - now G-NCKS, the UK's first and only 'G-Registered' Westland Lynx. Progress is solid month to month, as noted in the recently filmed video showing the refit of the Main Rotor Gearbox. As much as we're still working towards completing the return to flight service, we're confident G-NCKS should be gracing skies soon.

G-SCTA - Refinished and Ready

Recently refinished in the very uncommon yet striking Operation Lionheart '50K' paint scheme, G-SCTA looks better than ever - if we do say so ourselves. The refinish was part of an extended servicing period as required at Weald Aviation Services, and SCTA is now back in the hands of its owner in the U.K. A portable Jet A1 Bowser was also finished in the same scheme to match.
We still have two Westland Scout aircraft for sale - you can find out more information or arrange a viewing by emailing
Credit for this superb video goes to: Mr. Tom Hobbs

Flying to North Weald Today?

North Weald Airfield is within the Stansted TMZ

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We stock Avgas 100 LL and Jet A1

Call our fuel/movements mobile - 07842 552 327  - Open hours:

Summer - 08.30 - 18.00   |   Winter - 08.30 - 16.30

North Weald Airfield - Tower:

01992 524 740 - Available during daylight hours

Be sure to ask to be directed to the Weald Aviation Services Apron upon touching down.

Aviation Fuel

At Weald Aviation Services, we pride on keeping ourselves as competitive as possible in the ever fluctuating world of fuel prices, supplying  Jet A1 Avtur and Avgas 100LL in large and small quantities

Parking and Hangarage

With both inside and outside parking and hangar residencey available, we have aircraft stowage solutions available to suit long term, short term, and even overnight stop-overs - which come with a vaeriety of features

Engineering Solutions

At Weald Aviation Services, we're proud to be one of the U.K's largest providers of Annual Servicing for a sizable portion the countries Ex-Militarty aircraft, approved and regulated by the CAA under A8-23, A8-24, and A825 Approvals

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Proudly Supporting The Herts/Essex Air Ambulance
Herts / Essex Air Ambulance
Herts / Essex Air Ambulance

For many years, Weald Aviation Services have had the privilege of providing a permanent base for the Hertfordshire Air Ambulance, at our very own Hangar 7. Our fuel and movements team ensure the life saving aircraft are refuelled as required after every mission, and our events team at North Weald Heritage Aviation assist to manage the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Motorcycle Run and Family Fun Day each year. To learn more about how you can help keep these aircraft active, visit for more information.

Visiting Weald Aviation:
Hangar 4, North Weald Airfield
Epping, Essex
CM16 6HR
(On entry to the airfield, take a left and carry on until you see the two large grey hangars)


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Flying in:

North Weald Airfield is situated below the Stansted TMZ. Aircraft visiting North Weald Airfield are to remain below 1500 ft. on the QNH.

Radio: 123.525, TMZ Squawk 7010 Mode C or S

North Weald Airfield Operational Times:
Winter: 0830 local to sunset + 30 minutes

Summer: 0830 to 1900 local

Call: +44(0)1992 524 510 For more information