August 2020 - Update (Archive)

The August Update

G-NCKS - Progression

Our team remain steadfast on the restoration of XZ179 - now G-NCKS, the UK's first and only 'G-Registered' Westland Lynx. Progress is solid month to month, as noted in the recently filmed video showing the refit of the Main Rotor Gearbox. As much as we're still working towards completing the return to flight service, we're confident G-NCKS should be gracing skies soon.

G-SCTA - Refinished and Ready

Recently refinished in the very uncommon yet striking Operation Lionheart '50K' paint scheme, G-SCTA looks better than ever - if we do say so ourselves. The refinish was part of an extended servicing period as required at Weald Aviation Services, and SCTA is now back in the hands of its owner in the U.K. A portable Jet A1 Bowser was also finished in the same scheme to match.
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Credit for this superb video goes to: Mr. Tom Hobbs