BAC Jet Provost T Mk. 4 - G-BXLO

A stunning, rare example of the popular Jet Provost aircraft, ready to fly away today.



G-BXLO - Jet Provost Aircraft
G-BXLO - Jet Provost Aircraf
G-BXLO - Jet Provost Aircraft

We are proud to present a fantastic oppotunity to own this excellent example of one of the most well maintained, and visually striking jets on the UK circuit. The Mk. 4 is becoming an increasingly rare marque of Jet Provost making it ever popular, with prospect for future appreciaction. G-BXLO is a non-EASA aircraft, operated on a UK permit to fly basis.


Technical Information:
Aircraft Serial Number: PAC/W 19986

ECU/Airframe Information:
ECU Type: Bristol Siddeley Viper Mk. 20201
ECU Serial Number: VL 12175
Current ECU Hours: 1477:45 (Due 8174)
Current Airframe Hours: 7851:35
Fatigue Index: 109.26

Servicing Information:
Last Servicing Completed: 4th Equalised Service (Completed 01/12/2017) (Maintenance logs present)
COMPLIANT with all recently released CAA MPD’s
8.33khz Radio installed
Flight Test Due: 30/09/2019
Permit Valid Until: 30th November 2018

The sale of the aircraft includes:
Canopy cover, Engine intake blanks, Pitot static vent blanks, Specific tow bar, 3 aircreft jacks, all required
paperwork and documentation

This aircraft has benefited from inside parking for the last decade (At least. this period can be factually acocunted for) and is in remarkable condition.
G-BXLO will serve its owner many, many hours of flying and requires no minor or major
engineering at present.

Please call 01992 522 594 / email for further information, or to arrange a viewing (aircraft is located at North Weald Airfield, Essex, UK

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