Aircraft Parts For Sale

At Weald Aviation Services, we stock or have access to large quantites of permit-to-fly aircraft components and spares - ranging from reconditioned parts, to new-old stock sealed in orginal packing paper from the manufacturer.

Our inventory includes parts for:

Hawker Hunter

Jet Provost

Westland Wasp

Westland Scout

L29 Delphin

L39 Albatross

De Havilland Vampire

De Havilland Venom

C54 / DC4

Centaurus (engine)

And various other types of aircraft.

With stocked parts including:

Wing/fuselage/airframe sections

Aircraft engines and enginer spares

Canopy and cockpit windows/perspex

Rotor blades

Systems components

Rivets, fasteners and AGS

Please call 01992 522 594 / email for further information or check availabilities

Visiting Weald Aviation:
Hangar 4, North Weald Airfield
Epping, Essex
CM16 6HR
(On entry to the airfield, take a left and carry on until you see the two large grey hangars)


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Flying in:

North Weald Airfield is situated below the Stansted TMZ. Aircraft visiting North Weald Airfield are to remain below 1500 ft. on the QNH.

Radio: 123.525, TMZ Squawk 7010 Mode C or S

North Weald Airfield Operational Times:
Winter: 0830 local to sunset + 30 minutes

Summer: 0830 to 1900 local

Call: +44(0)1992 524 510 For more information