Living, flying histroy with a recent service and compliant 8.33 radio

Westland Scout AH1 - G-SASM


G-SASM Westland Scout For Sale
G-SASM Westland Scout For Sale
G-SASM Westland Scout For Sale
G-SASM Westland Scout For Sale

G-SASM is an excellent example of an authentic Scout helicopter. Foremerly attached to the SAS, and the British Army Air Corps - the aircraft has a rich, traceable history, and remains finished in authentic Army paint colours.

After over a decade in dry storage, SASM underwent a comprehensive return-to-flight service and is now ready to be test flown and purchased.

A definite must see! Viewings available by appointment


Technical Information:
Aircraft Serial Number: F9713 (XV138 - Military)

ECU/Airframe Information:
ECU Type: Rolls-Royce Nimbus

Servicing Information:
Last Servicing Completed: Annual Service (Completed 2019) (Maintenance logs present)
COMPLIANT with all recently released CAA MPD’s
8.33khz Radio installed

Last Flight: 25th Oct 2019

The sale of the aircraft includes:
Pitot static vent blanks, Ground Handling Wheels, all required paperwork and documentation

This aircraft has benefited from inside parking for the last decade (At least. this period can be factually acocunted for) and is in remarkable condition.
G-SASM will serve its owner many hours of cost effective, enjoyable flying. Own a piece of functioning military history today

Please call 01992 522 594 / email office@wealdaviation.com for further information, or to arrange a viewing (aircraft is located at North Weald Airfield, Essex, UK