Another servicable, authentic Westland Wasp ready to be flown away

Westland Wasp Mk.1B G-BYCX


G-BYCX 3 Westland Wasp
G-BYCX 1 Westland Wasp
G-BYCX 2 Westland Wasp
G-BYCX 8 Westland Wasp
G-BYCX 5 Westland Wasp
G-BYCX 4 Westland Wasp
G-BYCX 6 Westland Wasp
G-BYCX 7 Westland Wasp


The Westland Wasp is the Navy Variant of the Westland Scout - fitted with wheels for carrier based landing and storage as opposed to fixed skids. CBUI is one of the few flying examples remaining in the U.K, maintained and serviced - currently residing in a stored state at North Weald Airfield (hangared inside).

The aircraft began life with the Royal Navy, in 1996 the aircraft was transported by sea freight to New Zealand and registered as ZK-HOX. In 2001 it was transported back to its country of origin, and re-registered as G-BYCX. It has spent periods of time inhibited/stored, and active and at present moment the aircraft remains fully serviceable and ready to fly.


The aircraft is powered by a Rolls-Royce Nimbus Gas Turbine Engine, built to be robust and easy to service.


The aircraft sale includes: Main Rotor Blade Folding Frame, Landing Gear Wheel Brace

The aircraft is ready to fly, maintained by Weald Aviation Services – Epping, U.K.


Airframe and component fatigue index available by request via email

Technical Information:
Aircraft Serial Number: F9754 (XW613 - Military)

ECU/Airframe Information:

Year: 1973
ECU Type: Rolls Royce Nimbus 50301
8.33 Radio and Transponder Fitted

Maintenance Category: Permit to Fly

Servicing Information:
Last Servicing Completed: Major Inspection (2019) (Maintenance logs present)
COMPLIANT with all recently released CAA MPD’s
Permit Valid.

The sale of the aircraft includes:
Pitot static vent blanks, ground handling wheels all required paperwork and documentation

This aircraft has benefited from inside parking for the last decade (At least. this period can be factually acocunted for) and is in remarkable condition.

Please call 01992 522 594 / email office@wealdaviation.com for further information, or to arrange a viewing (aircraft is located at North Weald Airfield, Essex, UK